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Meet PalJS, the free AI JavaScript coding assistant.

Introducing PalJS, the ultimate JavaScript AI tool designed to revolutionize your coding experience. With its remarkable features and capabilities, PalJS offers unparalleled efficiency, enabling you to code JavaScript effortlessly and accurately.

Elevating the JavaScript coding landscape to new heights, the PalJS AI assistant emerges as the ultimate game-changer in the realm of JavaScript fiddles. By seamlessly integrating with Code JS, PalJS transforms it into the unrivaled JavaScript playground, leaving popular tools like JSBin, CodePen, and JSFiddle in the dust. PalJS revolutionizes your coding experience, empowering you to code faster and with unparalleled precision.

Bid farewell to hours wasted on debugging as PalJS minimizes errors with its intelligent algorithm. Through a continuous evolution of its dataset, meticulously vetted by the Code JS dev team, PalJS ensures superior code quality. Unlike other tools, PalJS does not rely on a flawed algorithm prone to unpredictable behavior. Instead, PalJS leverages the intelligence of its growing Code JS community, making it one of the most reliable and efficient alternatives to other coding artificial intelligence tools like Blackbox, GitHub Copilot or ChatGPT.

Make Code JS your new JavaScript playground and embrace the future of JavaScript coding by experiencing the unparalleled synergy between an exceptional AI tool and the unmatched power of the Code JS JavaScript sandbox. Don't settle for subpar coding experiences. Choose PalJS and join the journey towards effortless and highly accurate JavaScript coding.

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Code JS allows you to build and host single page & Node.js apps from your browser.

Start coding a new project in seconds, no more complex setups, live server extentions or constant page refreshing. Each Code JS project is composed of a Html, Css, and JavaScript file. Each project is hosted for free and updated live as you type your code.

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code js share collaborate on open source html css js code
Build & collaborate

Code JS Makes building, debugging, and collaboration easier.

It can be hard to set up the collaboration process with desktop IDEs. With Code JS this task becomes quick & easy like creating a document in Google Docs or sharing a post on social media. Developers can fork your public project or you can invite them to collaborate on a private project if you have a premium membership.

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Showcase beautifully

With Code JS you can Share your code and develop work relations.

Code JS is a great platform for Sharing and developing relations. You can share your code with colleagues, friends, or the world with the tap of a button. You can use embeds or links to sandboxes in your blog posts, how-to tutorials, documentation, online courses and more.

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code js html css js online editor
code js find free website templates
free Templates

Search Code JS for free & Open-Source website templates, css styles and JavaScript logic.

Browse from thousands of free and open-source projects. Get inspired, find solutions, and share with the community. Use public project's source code without limitations, even in your commercial applications.

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free hosting

Code JS allows you to quickly host and test Node.js applications for free.

You can develop a simple application and host it in minutes to test it. Code JS will help you Test your ideas early and often. You can validate your ideas and get instant feedback from users, clients, and colleagues. No need to setup. Sharing and collaboration options will help you with that as well.

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code js free pre hosted front end websites
code js responsive mobile and tablet preview
Responsive previews

Responsive desktop, tablet, and smartphone live preview.

Save time on cross platform designs and development. Showcase responsive pages to clients and colleagues giving them a much more involing expereience.

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Comfortable code editing with true Autocomplete & Smart Type-Assist

Code JS Autocomplete & Smart Type-assist are features that can save you keystrokes, and valuable debug time by automatically filling in HTML elements, attributes & emmet abbreviations, CSS properties & values, and JavaScript variables, functions, methods & more. HTML attributes such as ID & CLASS as well as CSS and JavaScript variables are automatically detected and added to your autocomplete suggestions list further increasing your coding comfort.

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code js online code editor with autocomplete
Adaptive code completion

Get automatic suggestions for HTML attributes, CSS properties, and JavaScript variables.

Autocomplete suggestions automatically adapt to each project, by adding your projects variables, further reducing syntax errors and debug time.

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code js adaptive code completion
code js code completion example code js code autocomplete code js code indentation feature
Emmet abbreviations

Zen Coding is available as Smart Type-assist.

Smart Type-assist is the Code JS version of Emmet, also known as Zen Coding. The Smart Type-assist feature uses different abbreviations and short expressions depending on what's passed, and then dynamically converts the abbreviations into the full code. Smart Type-assist is currently used for HTML, and CSS.

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Customize your code editing experience with Advanced Editor Settings

Code JS allows for a cutom coding experience, allowing you to change settings and preferences for a smoother editing. You can change Layout Settings, Result View, Font Size, Code Highlighting Theme, Search Results Settings, JavaScript Run Time Options, and more.

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code js online code editor with live preview
Custom Themes

Code JS allows you to choose from a variety of code highlight themes.

Code JS supports many popular code highlighting themes for both dark & light mode editing and allows you to change between themes with just one click. Try them out in the Code JS editor.

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code js code highlighting themes code js browser code editor with live preview code js Javascript highlighting themes

Editor Features


Live Preview Code Editing

Zero setups. You don’t have to download, install and configure an IDE. Start coding in a click and feel the ease of live preview editing.

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cloud based code editor with live preview

Libraries Intergration

With Code JS you can further reduce your development time by taking advantage of pre-installed popular front-end libraries such as Bootstrap, jQuery, Tailwind CSS or even icons libraries such as Font-Awesome, Remix Icons, Ionic Icons & more.

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code js popular libraries integration

Responsive previews

Responsive desktop, tablet, and smartphone live preview. Save time on cross platform designs and development. Showcase responsive pages to clients and colleagues giving them a much more involing expereience.

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online code editor with responsive mobile and tablet preview

Integrated Search

Search the Web with privacy, find StackOverflow Q&A, read query related articles, browse documentations, watch videos, compare codes, copy paste & much more with in-Editor Search.

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codejs ineditor search integration

Learn on Code JS

Learn more easily on Code JS. Watch tutorials from your favourite Youtuber and follow along with the picture in picture editor capabilities.

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find hundreds of javascript code snippets on code js

Search about anything with Advanced in-Editor Web Search

Find and filter solutions without ever leaving the Code JS editor. Search the Web with privacy, find StackOverflow Q&A, read query related articles, browse documentations, watch videos, compare codes, copy paste & much more with in-Editor Search.

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integrated search engine on code js
Search Anything

Search for code snippets, Code JS projects, SO answers and much more

With Code JS search you get all the capabilities of a traditional search engine such as web search as well as additional features specifically designed for developers. Enjoy quick access to code snippets, tutorials, videos, articles, cheatsheets, StackOverflow answers and more.

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search SO with stackoverflow integration on code js
watch video tutorials in the code editor with code js integrated video features
Video Tutorials

Learn & code faster along video tutorials with Picture-in-Picture capabilities.

You can now watch your favourite Youtubers and follow along tutorials directly from within the Code JS editor. Move and resize the picture in picture video window.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple, unopinionated online code editor

With great & usefull features to make your coding journey and collaborations easier.

Build and deploy

Build, deploy, host and share your websites and front end applications for free.

Templates and styles

Find awesome website templates and Css styles, or make your own on Code JS.

Showcase your work

To clients and colleagues with Desktop, tablet and smartphone live preview in just one click.

Community based

Search for source codes, build team projects, share and collaborate with other members.